The Best Realistic Looking Faux Flowers :

The Best Realistic Looking Faux Flowers

Where to find the most realistic looking faux flowers that are still budget friendly + tips for how to style them

I officially pulled out all the spring decor boxes and I will be honest it felt really good!

I am not ashamed to admit I occasionally suffer from a little seasonal depression, the winter time gives me the blues honestly.

It’s probably because as a family we are very much “outside people” and the sun makes my soul feel warm.

Don’t get me wrong there is a lot to appreciate about cozy winter nights, but I am ready to be done with them!

So I decided to pull out all of our pretty faux florals (I might have bought some new ones too) and sprinkle them around the house.

The key to decorating with fake flowers and greenery is to make sure they don’t look fake…

So today I thought I would share my favorite places to get realistic looking faux flowers and also some tricks for how to style them so they look really real!

The Best Realistic Looking Faux Flowers
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Where to get the best faux flowers:



World Market




Real flowers and faux flowers can get pretty expensive but with fake flowers you are buying something that can last for years.

Faux flowers are always my go to because I can’t manage to keep the real ones alive for every long…

I have learned a few sneaky tricks though to make even the fake ones look real!

5 Tips and Tricks for Making Faux Plants Look Real

1. Fluff and Spread

The Best Realistic Looking Faux Flowers

Pulling the stems away from each other will untangle the different pieces and help the arrangement look fuller.

This is also a good time to make sure all the leaves are laying in a way that looks natural, not crocked or upside down.

2. Bloom the Leaves and Flowers

how to steam faux plants

This tip might seem a little strange but for faux flowers that were stored away or newly arrived I break out a steamer or blowdryer.

Steaming the petals and leaves will remove all the crinkles and give them a little life.

These flowers arrived looking a little flat, the heat/steam gave them back a fullness you would expect out of a real flower.

3. Add Water

Where to find the most realistic looking faux flowers that are still budget friendly + tips for how to style them

Adding just a small amount of water to the bottom of the vase will give them the illusion of being real.

Your guests will have no idea the water is just for looks!

Just be sure to swap it every couple of days so it doesn’t start to look cloudy.

These hydrangeas are from Amazon and I love them so much I bought them in mint green too!

4. The Tape Trick

Tips and Tricks for Making Faux Plants Look Real

To arrange flowers like a professional I like to use the tape trick.

This is when you use clear tape to create a gird on top of the vase.

The gird creates individual sections for placing your stems so that they don’t just flop to the sides.

This method is the simplest way to create a full looking arrangement.

You can see a video tutorial for this method here!

5. Mix Them Up

Tips and Tricks for Making Faux Plants Look Real

Mixing different stems and greenery is a great way to build dimension into your arrangement, which will make it look more realistic.

These Billy Ball stems added some subtle color to our living room arrangement.

Use filler greenery stems to add a little variety and make it look more lush.

Usually the golden rule is to not use over three types in one arrangement if you are going for a realistic, fresh picked type of look.

Realistic Looking Faux Flowers

Tips and Tricks for Making Faux Plants Look Real

Whenever I am buying faux flowers or greenery from somewhere new or a company I haven’t purchased from before I always stalk the reviews.

I love love love reviews that show real peoples pictures, that’s the most honest view of what it will look like.

If you are trying to save a little extra money buying dried flowers is a great alternative.

They tend to be a little cheaper and if they are stored correctly can last a couple of seasons!

Budget Friendly Vases

spring home decor finds

Anything can be a vase!

A antique tea pot, ceramic jug, or even a watering can.

I DIY-ed a set of kitchen canisters my sister gave me into charming black textured vases!

You can also find some super budget friendly options at thrift stores and garage sales.

Sometimes all they need is a little spray paint or this faux cement texture idea to be brought back to life.

Decorating Our Mantel for Spring

spring mantel decor

This year I decided to add these beautiful lavender and rosemary infused flameless candles to our mantel for a touch of spring! (use code SOUTHERNYANKEEDIY10 for 10% the entire site)

Did you notice I flipped a candlestick holder over and used it for the pillar candle?

I’m a rule breaker I know 😉

On our bookcases I added a spring bouquet full of color to contrast the black built-ins.

You can shop all my favorite spring decor here!

spring kitchen decor ideas

It always amazes me what a few faux florals can do for my mood.

Now we are officially spring ready and even the house feels brighter!

I will keep this post updated if I find anymore must have realistic looking faux flowers, I am always on the hunt 😉

If you follow along with us on Instagram you know I like to post all the good sales in our stories too!

Let me know your favorite places to get budget friendly flowers and vases too.

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