DIY Fireplace and Built-ins :

DIY Fireplace and Built-ins

Build this easy faux fireplace with built-ins to completely elevate your space

It’s getting hot in here…

Not really because this fireplace is fake but you get the picture.

We are pushing through this office renovation at full speed and now that the fireplace and built-ins are complete I see the end in sight!

I am not sure why I thought this office must absolutely have a faux fireplace but honestly I was right because it looks awesome.

When I originally went searching for fireplace ideas I came across of really pretty modern fireplace builds.

The only problem with that is, this space is not going for a modern style…

I wanted this fireplace build to be elegant, grand, and classic, also I wanted an arch!

The goal was to bring in vintage vibes and tie the fireplace in with some easy DIY built-in bookcases.

I will be honest I think we nailed it but we will let you be the judge.

First check out these arched built in bookcases we built in the living room (swoon)!

Built ins and Fireplace Supply List:

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Build fireplace surround

Fireplace Built ins

The built in bookcases around the fireplace were super simple to build and we used the same method from when we built them in our living room minus the arch.

So I wont go into every detail but just skim through it, if you want the full tutorial you can check it out here!

DIY fireplace built ins

This time though we used 3/4″ plywood and ripped it down to 8″ wide and 92″ long pieces (for the sides).

It’s important to rip the length of the boards at least 4″ shorter than your ceiling height or you won’t be able to stand them up once they are built!

Build fireplace surround

Next we ripped the shelf pieces and cut scrap pieces for the supports that the shelves sit on.

DIY fireplace built ins

The shelves are attached to the supports with nails and the entire bookcase attaches to the wall at the top and bottom with 2″ screws going into studs.

DIY fireplace built ins

Here are the two bookcases assembled and in place, the fireplace will go in-between them.

I know they don’t currently look fancy or elegant but we will trim everything out at the end and they will look amazing I promise!

Faux Fireplace DIY

Fireplace wall ideas

We started by building the base of the fireplace out of 2×4 boards, with a plywood top.

The length and width will depend on how big you want your fireplace to be.

Fireplace wall ideas

Next I attached 2×4 boards to the wall into studs, then another set of 2×4 boards on top of those ones.

The second set is what the sides will attach to.

Fireplace wall ideas

Once the base was attached I ripped two boards for the sides of the fireplace and attached them to the second set of 2×4’s.

The size of the sides will depend on how deep you want the fireplace to be, just be sure it is able to fit whatever type insert or faux logs you plan to add.

Fireplace DIY

We also add a super thing sheet of plywood to the back so that you couldn’t see the 2×4 supports.

If you need to add a cutout for an outlet, now is the time to do that also!

Arched Fireplace Surround Build 

This is the exciting part, building the fireplace surround with an arch feature!

The arched surround was one of the things on my faux fireplace must have list, I think it really adds that vintage character.

To create the arch we ripped a piece of 3/4″ plywood to the width and height of the fireplace base.

Build fireplace surround

Next we used the string method from out arched built-ins project to find the perfect arch.

The only difference is that we did not start at the bottom of the board instead we started at the halfway point of the total height of the arch.


  1. Figure out how tall you want the tallest point of the arch to be, how wide you want the arch to be, (leave atleast 3-4″ on both sides) and mark your board.
  2. Next, find the halfway point of the height measurement (ie 4′ total = 2′ is halfway) and place a pin with one end of the string attached.
  3. Cut the string to half the total width of the arch and attach that end to a marker/pencil.
  4. Draw out your arch keeping the string taught the entire time (this may take a few try and some readjusting until you are happy with the way your arch looks).
  5. Use a straight edge to trace the lines all the way down the board so that you know where to cut.

Once you are happy with how your arch looks, use a jigsaw to cut it out.

Sand the inside of the arch until it’s smooth.

Attaching the Surround and Mantel

Build fireplace surround

After the arch surround was ready we attached it to the two side pieces and added a 3/” plywood top/mantel.

Fireplace DIY

The top and arch were all secured with nails, but if you feel like you need extra security you can also add some corner brackets to the inside.

Trimming Out the Fireplace

Fireplace DIY

The rest of this tutorial is filled with optional ideas depending on what type of look you want for your fireplace.

I added 1×3 boards around the bottom as a baseboard and 1×2 boards arounds the hearth also.

Just below the mantel I added more 1×2 boards to encase the top.

Fireplace DIY

Next, I added some Chair Rail Moulding about 5″ above the arch, this is a detail I always love when I am swooning over traditional style interiors.

I also added some really thin trim I had laying around underneath the top 1×2 board.

Of course the icing on this fireplace cake is that Egg & Dart moulding I added to the mantel edge.

Finishing the Faux Fireplace Build

Before and after diy fireplace makeover

Now that the building and trimming is complete, it’s time to move onto the finishing!

Caulk all the seams and use wood filler to fill all the nail holes.

I sanded the entire fireplace down with 120 then 240 grit sandpaper and primed it with BIN primer.

The entire room is painted in Poetry Plum, except the fireplace that is painted in Black Magic by Sherwin Williams.

Before and after diy fireplace makeover

Before and After DIY Fireplace Makeover

Whew isn’t she beautiful?!

I am absolutely in love with how this faux fireplace and built-in project turned out.

Before and after diy fireplace makeover

The fireplace really encompasses that traditional look I was hoping for without being too over the top.

I am still deciding on the right log inserts if anyone has some they absolutely love I an all ears!

Before and after diy fireplace makeover

Let me know what you think of this DIY fireplace and built-ins project and if you have any questions.

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