DIY Black and White Decor Ideas

Do you love the combination of black and white when it comes to home decor? If yes then you have a great taste. This color combination can rarely go wrong. There are so many ways in which you can create monochrome decor items for your home. Here are some ideas for your inspiration:

1. A Chess Board with Succulent Pots and Chess Pieces

Garden chess board



2. A Bathroom Storage Unit with a Black Frame and White Wooden Shelves

A bathroom shelf with black and white color



3. Canvas Wall Hangings Created by Wrapping Fabric

Black fabric wrapped over canvas wall hanging



4. Painted Plant Pots with Patterns Created with Rubber Bands

Black and white succulent pots


5. White Halloween Pumpkins Embellished with Black Ribbons

black and white halloween pumpkins


6. A Mirror with Black Paint and White Washi Tapes

black and white stripped mirror



7. Paint Black and White Pictures on Empty Glass Bottles

painted glass bottles with cats

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8. Phases of Moon Wall Hanging Made with Acrylic Paints and Polymer Clay

moon phase wall hanging



9. Black and White Dresser Makeover with Paint

black and white painted dresser


10. Terracotta Pot Decor with Ribbon and Black and White Photos

Terracotta pots decorated with black and white pictures and ribbons

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Credit : Source Post

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