Classroom Ideas Decoration, Storage, and Theme: Reveal :

Classroom Ideas Decoration, Storage, and Theme: Reveal

All the best classroom decorating, storage, and colorful theme ideas

We have officially landed on the other side of the rainbow with this classroom renovation!

If you were following along from the beginning you know we not only needed to decorate this classroom, but we also needed to gut it.

This classroom has been around for a very very very long time and the cabinets, floors, and walls showed that evidence.

We were also working within a super tight budget so everything had to be done the budget DIY way, which just so happens to be our specialty!

Here is what we were working with:

classroom before photos

The classroom is very large because it used to be two separate spaces that later were combined.

As soon as I stepped foot in this space I knew the floors would need to be removed and replaced.

classroom before photos

It also had some old second (or maybe third) hand cabinets that were basically falling apart.

Most of the drawers wouldn’t open and I knew this classroom would need more storage than these cabinets could provide.

classroom before photos

The highlight of the room are these two large windows.

The windows let in so much light and needed to be a feature point in the classroom.

Classroom Wall Ideas

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The first projects on the list were to paint the walls, ceiling, and replace the flooring.

After we got all the non fun parts out of the way it was time to add some decoration to the classroom walls.

kids fun wallpaper for classroom or bedroom

We chose this super fun Be Happy wallpaper from Wall Blush.

You can’t look at a wall of smiley faces and not immediately feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

I also painted the window trim Griffin Gold to really make the windows pop.

Classroom Storage Ideas on a Budget

Once the old kitchen cabinets were removed we were left with 168″ of freed up storage space.

Classroom Storage Ideas on a Budget

We started by painting the coolest rainbow accent wall, using these tips to get perfectly straight stripes.

Next, we used stock cabinets to build built-in storage quickly and easily.

I love how bright and fun these cabinets are and they provide a ton of much needed storage space.

Classroom Storage Ideas on a Budget

We weren’t done there though, we finished off this rainbow wall with long floating shelves.

These floating shelves were the easiest project of the room and they really completed the space.

Classroom Storage Ideas on a Budget

Using clear jars and bins is the easiest way to store all the classroom necessities and they basically double as classroom decor too!

Classroom Bulletin Board Ideas and Organization

A classroom bulletin board is the perfect way to organize all the announcements, upcoming events, and forms.

Classroom Bulletin Board Ideas and Organization

The best part is that a bulletin board can also function as classroom decoration and help to incorporate the classroom theme.

This bulletin board is a cork board that I covered with Dollar Store fabric.

The folder, dry erase board, and calendar all have tacks hot glued to the back so that they could be attached to the bulletin board easily.

Art Display Wall

Originally this wall had another door here which we enclosed with this simple drywall method.

With the extra door gone, we were able to add this super fun Felt Right tile design!

Classroom Ideas Decoration, Storage, and Theme

The tiles are made from pinnable PET felt so I can display the kids artwork easily.

Classroom art display idea

The tiles are attached to the wall with paint-safe adhesive squares so they can be removed without damaging the wall.

Classroom art display idea

I created this rainbow cloud design right on the Felt Right website but they also have a bunch of cool designs to choose from to fit your classroom theme.

Ps you can use our code SOUTHERNYANKEEDIY10 to get 10% off your Felt Right Design

Classroom Hangout Area

Every classroom needs an area where the kids can go sit, relax, and take a mental break in.

Our classroom’s hangout area is very simple and consists of some small cozy chairs, bean bag chairs, and this cool mini sofa.

Classroom Ideas Decoration, Storage, and Theme

I also keep a box of fidget/sensory toys in this space to help them unwind.

The wall art is simply vinyl I cut out on my Cricut machine and I painted the arch with leftover paint.

Classroom Hangout Area

These star light fixtures add a little extra whimsy to the hangout area, they can be electrically tied in but honestly I just stuck puck lights inside them and they work great!

Classroom Ideas Decoration, Storage, and Theme: Reveal

Whew it feels so good to have this classroom renovation complete and ready for the kids to enjoy!

I hope this space is somewhere they want to come to and that it will be a room full of joy, fun, happy memories.

Classroom Wall Art

So many different projects went into this space and I absolutely love seeing it all come together.

The only thing that I may add later is a DIY stage area, maybe one that can easily be removed when we aren’t using it…

You know how it goes, a room is never really finished finished!

Classroom Ideas Decoration, Storage, and Theme

Let me know what you think of our new Children’s Ministry classroom ideas, decoration, storage, and theme.

Plus don’t forget to follow along as we take on our next renovation, a vintage style bunkbed/playroom!

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