Bulletin Board Ideas + Classroom Organization :

Bulletin Board Ideas + Classroom Organization

Fun and easy bulletin board and classroom organization ideas that will help you stay organized and double as decor

Organized spaces are my love language, so is a really good iced coffee but we can talk about that later…

If you have been following along you know our current room makeover is taking an old outdated classroom and turning it into a super fun kids room!

So far we have replaced the flooring, painted, added a super fun rainbow accent wall, and much more.

Now that the main decorating is done, it’s time to get down to the important stuff, organizing!

It’s important because a space can be “pretty” all day long but if it lacks organization it is no longer functional and will most likely become “pretty messy” real quick.

So today I thought I would share some of my favorite ways to organize a classroom and awesome ways to create a fun and useful bulletin board using a few ChromaLabel supplies!

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Bulletin Board Ideas


Bulletin Board Ideas for Spring

classroom management plan

Bulletin boards are great because they help keep important information organized, draw attention to key details, and can also double as decor!

A simple way I decorate our bulletin board is by using fabric as the background.

You can use multiple types and patterns or stick to a solid color.

It’s a really budget friendly way to decorate the bulletin boards for the different seasons and holidays.

classroom management plan

You can easily attach the fabric to the cork board with pushpins.

DIY Erase Board Calendar

classroom management plan

A must have item on my bulletin board is a calendar.

It neatly keeps all the upcoming events and classes organized.

To keep our waste to a minimum I use a dry erase board as a calendar, instead of printing new sheets every month.

For this calendar I started by taping horizontal and vertical lines on the board.

classroom management plan

Use a square to keep the tape lines straight across the board.

classroom management plan

After the horizontal lines are done, move onto attaching the vertical tape lines the same way.

organization ideas for the classroom

The colored sticker dots are perfect for adding the days of the week!

organization ideas for the classroom

After the calendar is complete, flip it over and hot glue tacks to the back four corners.

organization ideas for the classroom

This is how I attach the dry erase calendar to the bulletin board, it also makes it easily removable when I need to update it.

classroom management plan

Organizing a Bulletin Board

organization ideas for the classroom

Attaching chalk board signs, folders, clipboards is super simple using the tack method.

I even hot glue tacks to the back of clothes pins for when I need to hang flyers on the bulletin board.

The main things to keep in mind when creating your bulletin board are:

  1. Make it useful
  2. Stay away from clutter
  3. Make it fun!

Organization Ideas for the Classroom

organization ideas for the classroom

You can also use the same colored dot stickers and colored tape to keep other essentials organized.

I like to use colored tape to label bins, drawers, and baskets.

It helps the kids know where supplies are and where to put them back to.

organization ideas for the classroom

The label dot stickers are great for organizing paper trays and creating a simple “In & Out” system.

Classroom Setup Ideas

Bulletin Board Ideas + Classroom Organization

I am super happy with how our bulletin board and storage area turned out!

Bulletin Board Ideas + Classroom Organization

It is colorful, fun, and keeps us nice and organized.

It always amazes me what you can accomplish with a few ChromaLabel colored dot stickers, tape, and push pins.

Bulletin Board Ideas + Classroom Organization

ChromaLabel is my go to for labeling supplies because they have so many different varieties and options, plus everything is made in the U.S!

The next project we will be tackling in this room renovation is building a custom cabinet on the bottom half of the rainbow wall!

Bulletin Board Ideas + Classroom Organization

That will give us a lot more storage for all of our supplies, crafts, snacks, etc.

Once that is built I will come up with a fun way to use the colored tape and dot stickers to easily label the drawers and compartments.

Let me know what you think of our colorful bulletin board and organization ideas so far!

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