9 Easy Ways to Update Furniture :

9 Easy Ways to Update Furniture

Easily and inexpensively update furniture with these 9 techniques

Sometimes things aren’t necessarily broke, but they still need fixing or maybe just some sprucing!

I don’t know about y’all but it is not in our budget to go out and buy brand new furniture every-time I get sick of the furniture we have.

My style has definitely changed over the years and some pieces no longer match our homes new aesthetic.

Instead of buying brand new pieces I learned how to update and change the furniture we already had to make it work for our space!

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Here are some of my favorite ways to update furniture:

1. Add Wallpaper

wallpapering furniture

Wallpaper is not just for walls!

Adding a peel and stick wallpaper to furniture is a easy and budget friendly way to give your piece a quick update.

It adds character and interest to the room and helps to establish the style you are going for.

wallpapering furniture

Adding this elegant vintage wallpaper to the back of our plain IKEA cabinet make it look completely custom.

You can find all my favorite vintage wallpaper finds here!

2. Create a Faux Wood Finish

how to paint furniture with a faux wood finish

I am a Facebook Marketplace fan girl, especially when it comes to finding antique pieces.

Sometimes they are in too rough of shape though simply sand and re-stain.

In those instances and when it comes to furniture that isn’t wood at all, I like to use paint to create a faux wood finish.

how to paint furniture with a faux wood finish

This technique saves so much time and leaves the furniture with a wood look and feel.

Ps you can also use this method on exterior metal doors!

3. Repurpose It

how to refinish cabinets to natural wood finish

Sometimes a piece of furniture just needs a new job.

I love using pieces in areas where they aren’t necessarily intended for.

how to refinish cabinets to natural wood finish

Separating this china cabinet top and using it as an upper kitchen cabinet is still one of my favorite repurposing projects!

Plus I was able to sell the bottom half so that’s a win win.

4. Update Fabric with Paint

painting upholstery

Painting fabric is a great way to update chairs seats if the pattern it no longer your style or dingy looking.

For this table and chair makeover I added slipcovers over the existing seats and painted this simple design to give them a little extra oomph.

The best part is they are removable for washing.

5. Paint on Texture

While we are talking about painting fabric lets cover one of my favorite methods…

Paint any type to upholstered furniture to look like leather with this easy technique!

painting upholstery to look like leather

This rocking chair was looking super dingy but still in great shape so instead of tossing it to the curb I gave it new life with paint.

6. Update Hardware

Ikea furniture update hack

Changing out or painting furnitures hardware is one of the easiest ways to completely update its look.

If the current finish isn’t your style simply change it out or paint it to match.

Ikea furniture update hack

Hardware can make a piece look elegant and vintage or new and modern.

update furniture hardware

One of my favorite ways to give old hardware a little life is to use gold Rub n Buff instead of paint.

It doesn’t chip off and create an antique gold finish.

7. Upgrade Basic Pieces

Ikea furniture update hack

Some of the most functional and beautiful furniture we own started off very plain and basic.

For instance all this cube storage unit needed was a wood top and base to make it look like a custom piece of furniture.

Our basic IKEA bookcases were easy to transform into a charming built-in cabinet in our kitchen with just a little plywood and trim.

Check out the complete IKEA built-in hack here!

8. High Quality Paint + Texture

wallpapering furniture

One of the most popular ways to update furniture is to simply paint it.

Paint is magic and can completely change the style of any piece.

Pairing paint with a textured peel and stick paper is how I updated the look of these builder grade bathroom cabinets.

wallpapering furniture

This was such a simple and budget friendly makeover that made a huge impact on the room.

wallpapering furniture

I even covered plain shelves with faux marble peel and stick paper to really elevate the boring bathroom.

9. Try a Paint Wash

paint washing furniture, black wash technique

If you are looking for a more textured look than paint, a paint wash is a great choice.

It is a super simple method that mixes paint and water together.

paint washing furniture, black wash technique

After my mixture is combined I like to dry brush it on the furniture and wipe away any excess with a clean cloth.

9 Easy Ways to Update Furniture

9 Easy Ways to Update Furniture

Those are just a few methods I have used to upgrade outdated and boring furniture in our home.

For the pieces that are beyond saving, they get listed on Facebook Marketplace…

These little updates have saved us a ton of money though and added years to our furnitures lifespan.

Plus getting to bring older pieces from our grandparents and parents back to life with just a few updates feels extra special.

Let me know which method is your favorite and which one you can wait to try!

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